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The F-Screen is the most versatile and most popular screen in the Symons line.  It has been engineered for accuracy and capacity in the sizing of aggregates as well as other materials and is widely used in rock and gravel plants as a finishing or asphalt screen.  Its strength is adaptability and its adaptability allows the user to select from a number of screen arrangements making it an ideal selection for special screening conditions, so it is widely used in other industrial operations.




Designed for sizing accuracy and capacity, with its low headroom, easy access vibrator unit and unique base isolation system, the F Screen is perfect as an asphalt screen, finished aggregate screen and rescreening applications. Please check the sizing charge below to determine which F-Screen is right for your application!

Available Sizes

The SYMONS Asphalt Screen is available in the following sizes:

F-Screen Sizes and Rate
Screen Size No. Decks Feed in T.P.H. H.P. Overall Height O.S. Base Base Length Base Width
36 x 8 2, 2.5 75 5 42.5 53 1/4 11-4 1/4 68 1/2
36 x 10 2, 2.5 95 5 42.5 6-1/2 13-4 1/4 81 1/4
48 x 8 2, 2.5 100 5 42.5 6-1/4 11-4 1/4 81 1/4
48 x 10 2, 2.5 125 7 1/2 42.5 6-1/4 13-4 1/4 81 1/4
48 x 12 3 150 7 1/2 42.5 6-1/4 15-4 1/4 83 1/4
48 x 14 3.5 175 10 42.5 73 17-9 3/4 90
48 x 16 3, 3.5 200 15 42.5 73 19-4 3/4 90
60 x 12 3, 3.5 205 15 54 88 15-9 3/4 104
60 x 14 3, 3.5 225 20 54 88 17-9 3/4 104

Rugged Construction
The Symons F-Screen is ruggedly built for long life. All contact areas have been fitted with wear plates or thick steel or manufactured from quality castings made in the USA.

The F-Screen can be adapted to fit just about any bin set up. Its low headroom and compact footprint make it an easy choice for portable plants.  Each asphalt plant screen is custom built to meet your specific plant configuration. The screen decks can be arranged to feed 2, 3, 4 or 5 bin configurations to meet the most demanding mix specifications.

Low Vibration Transmission
The large counter balanced beams at the base of the F-Screen ensure that very little vibration is transmitted to the base of the screen and surrounding structure. The entire screen is mounted on coil springs which keeps the powerful motion of the F-Screen from being transmitted to the plant. This fully protects the sensitive, surrounding equipment on the plant.

Unmatched Capacity
Modern asphalt plants demand high capacity production rates and accurately sized aggregates. The F Asphalt Screen has been meeting the demanding rescreening specifications for more than 30 years.

The Symons F-Screen consists of four major parts:

  • Screening Deck:   It is made with rigid box construction and has deck surfaces that feature removable steel frames.
  • Balance Deck:   This consists of heavy steel bars on each side of the screening deck. The feed box is mounted to the bars.  It vibrates with the screen and spreads material evenly over the width of the screen.
  • Steel Channel Base:  It is attached to the screening and balance deck by support springs. The springs are made of alloy strips clamped together and set at an angle of 60 degrees to horizontal provide efficient, even stroke.
  • Shaft Assembly:   It is bolted solidly to the balance deck and connected to the screening deck by four drive springs.  The shaft assembly imparts powerful rotary eccentric action to the shaft  and receives a positive reciprocating action from the screening deck. Very little vibration is transmitted to the base.
  • Asphalt
  • Aggregate
  • Rock
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Coal
  • Ore
  • Minerals

In addition to the asphalt screen, SMICO has also developed a topsoil screener!