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The SMICO company history is rooted in the Feed Processing and Milling industries. In fact, SMICO was once known as Southwest Milling Industrial Equipment Company. Back then, the company was located in Chicago, IL and serviced all of the milling and feed processing companies who serviced the farmers who made up America’s booming heartland. No matter if you’re scalping, cleaning, sizing or feeding SMICO has the experience and equipment to make your process efficient and productive.

The SMICO Vibroset is an example of the milling and feed processing equipment SMICO produces. It was designed to efficiently scalp or clean grain of all sizes and allow producers to maximize productivity by providing quick, easy maintenance and adjustable processing control. In addition, because space is limited the SMICO Vibroset was designed to be extremely efficient despite its small footprint.


  • Our Experience – Talent cannot match experience and while SMICO posesses both attributes, our experience allows us to offer quick and proven solutions to milling and feed processing companies the world over.
  • Our Design – Our designs have been tested over the last 50 plus years and consistently offer increases in efficiency and decreased maintenance costs to our milling and feed customers.
  • Our Service – Many companies produce products capable of processing a given product. However, the service after the sale is overlooked by most manufacturers. SMICO remains committed to serving our customers and winning their trust and friendship on a daily basis.

Today we’ve branched out to serve other industries but we’ve not forgotten our beginnings and our original customers. Our vibratory screeners and in particular our vibroset were originally designed with the needs of milling companies and feed producers in mind. Today we still specialize in providing producers and processors with quality milling equipment that they can build a business on. In fact, our feed processing equipment works so well that some of the first installations are still in service after 60 years!


Since our first day of operation, SMICO has opted to service every piece of equipment we build for its entire life. Rather than discontinuing service and parts for old units, we continue to offer service and support for as long as our equipment is in use! This is because we believe our customer’s best interests are our best interests. This is just one of the ways we accomplish our goal of being the best milling equipment value in the marketplace.

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