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Companies throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico have been coming to SMICO to fulfill their aggregate equipment needs for decades.

Despite our 70 years of successful history in providing equipment solutions for large and small industrial leaders, our commitment to taking an individual, hands-on approach to working with our customers remains essential to SMICO’s DNA as a company.

With every potential customer we begin by asking several basic questions:

  • What is the product that you will be screening, shaking, crushing or scalping with our aggregate equipment?
  • What is the volume that you will be processing?
  • What special screening specifications must the aggregate equipment meet in terms of particle size?
  • Are there any specific dimensional requirements due to existing plant structure or a unique footprint?
  • Are there any additional special requirements that your particular process requires


With this information in hand, we can move on to discuss a specific equipment line or a custom unit. One durable but low-cost aggregate equipment system for cement, aggregate, sand, feed pellets and asphalt components is the SMICO Dual Deck Vibrating Screener. This dependable, low-maintenance screener combines excellent direct flow, high-volume production and product classification with a side-parallel conveying motion that produces up to 5 Gs of acceleration at its optimized operating speed of 986 RMP.

This unit can be manufactured in variable sizes from three to eight feet wide and from six to 20 feet long. However, it has a low profile that fits easily between your existing plant structure, reducing the need to relocate other equipment and loading positions. A wide choice of options are available including support legs or cable suspension, spouts or chutes, piano or woven wire, dust reduction enclosures, wear liners and high temperature features. SMICO also has a variety of standardized screeners in stock and ready for direct shipment if you require immediate delivery. Please call us directly to discuss your specific needs in detail or fill our quotation request form on our website.

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