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For companies seeking the best processing equipment to meet low-volume screening needs associated with spice cleaning, sugar or fine metal powders, the SMICO Screenette Vibrating Screener provides a low-cost, low-capacity solution. The Screenette sets up complete and is immediately ready for use. We regularly recommend this equipment for labs, pilot plants and food-processing companies and other low-volume or high volume screening applications.

You may select carbon, steel, or stainless steel construction for the Screenette, which is sized from 1′ x 2′ to 18″ x 4′. One screen deck is included in the base price along with the stand and power switch and comes ready for hook-type screen mounting. The vibrating motor that powers its processing operation mounts directly beneath the screener and allows for several adjustments in stroke.


Like other SMICO high volume process equipment, the Screenette is known among our customers for being easy to maintain, inexpensive to operate and extremely durable. Should you ever need a replacement part for the Screenette or any piece of SMICO processing equipment, we provide overnight shipping for all our component parts. However, you shouldn’t plan on making very frequent use of our overnight parts shipping service, because our screeners are manufactured stronger and more durable than the competition guaranteeing they’ll stand up to your production requirements.

Because we have been doing business in Oklahoma City for over 70 years, SMICO has an excellent reputation for providing processing equipment for the lumber and wood, textile, construction, food and feed industries to name a few. Call us today to discuss your specific application with our knowledgeable staff. Custom projects are our specialty, but we have many standard screeners in stock and ready for delivery.

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